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We test: Skoda Octavia Combi Tour 1.6 – reasonable proposal

Posted by on Dec 30, 2013 in New cars | 0 comments

Skoda Octavia Tour auto, which should be interested in statistical Polish family, especially the wagon variant. We drove a car with the engine 1.6.

Photo by Wojciech Frelic …

Skoda Octavia Tour is an option for customers with less affluent portfolio. Because this is not a new project, just before the Skoda Octavia II facelift in 2008. However, the external differences between versions of the modernized Octavia Tour are small. Cars differ only in the headlights (in the Tour are smaller) and mirror housings and door handles black plastic. Are also a bit different bumpers. For someone who is not a sophisticated esthete these differences do not matter.

Solidly in the cabin

Also in the middle of the Octavia Tour is almost identical to the model facelift. Robust cockpit can be seen as pattern ergonomics. We especially liked the thick steering wheel, very good Anchorages in hand and solid gear lever, which can sense the right hand outright intuitively.

Very comfortable also supports panel heating and air, and that thanks to a large knobs that are easy to capture while driving.

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We test: Hyundai Veloster – and coupe, and hatchback. PICTURES, VIDEO

Posted by on Dec 28, 2013 in New cars | 0 comments

Is it possible to reconcile functionality with an attractive appearance hatchbacka coupe? Hyundai Veloster presenting the claims of that. Are you sure?

Photo by Charles Biela

Anyone who had a car with a coupe body, be even 3-door compact camera, you know that they are not a car, which favor the carriage of more than two people.

Getting in or out of the rear seats requires that a passenger or the driver fired his chair. Looks exactly the same situation when you want to mount a child seat.

In short, a second pair of doors definitely improves the functionality of the car. But do we need are two additional inputs on the car?

The third door coupe body

Presenting the hyundai car at last years fair in Detroit Veloster model caused big stir in the world of motoring.

In addition to attractive body lines, the most characteristic feature of this car is the asymmetric arrangement of the doors.

Ingenious variation on the coupe and hatchback body was recognized and such Polish edition of Playboy magazine chose the Veloster on the Car of the Year 2011.

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We test – Toyota Verso S or return to the roots

Posted by on Dec 26, 2013 in New cars | 0 comments

Verso S is the new Toyota minivan city. He has to throw a challenge the Korean competition. We checked that has a chance.

Photo by Czeslaw Wachnik

Toyota Verso models produces a signed name longer than 12 years. In 1999, he appeared Toyota Yaris Verso, and two years later Corolla Verso. Another model was the Toyota Avensis Verso and finally now produced Toyota Verso. So combining a seven-beetle Corolla and Avensis Verso.

The latest model – Toyota Verso S – This return to the roots, the successor Yaris Verso. Verso S is a smaller brother the Toyota Verso and the competition for cars such as the Opel Meriva, Honda Jazz, Kia Venga, the ix20 Hyundai.


See: Toyota Verso S – pictures of test

Body and interior – a little Toyota RAV4, Yaris some

Toyota Verso S length is 399 cm. Its about 45 cm less than the big Verso. Wheelbase of 255 cm, the average in segment B. Verso S surprisingly roomy as a minivan urban interior.

Both the front and the back of the couch, sitting down comfortably.

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First drive: Audi A1 Sportback – city sprinter (video)

Posted by on Dec 24, 2013 in New cars | 0 comments

Audi introduced the A1 Sportback Polish model. This five-door version of the car, which in our market is present since the summer of 2010.

Photo by Wojciech Frelic …

Audi A1 in both versions of the claim to the city car segment, premium, or offering a higher standard of finish and equipment of the vehicle than the average of the group. Higher level means a higher price.

Auto was formed based on the Volkswagen Polo (Audi belongs to the Volkswagen Group). However, the design has been completely redesigned. Also uses better quality components.

Style preserved

Stylistically, the Audi A1 Sportback differs little from the three-door version. Even the length of the two varieties is the same – 3,95 m The front is dominated by single-frame grille with beveled upper corners. The daytime running traffic lights and LED rear lights are used, as in city traffic immediately distinguishes this car in the midst of others.

The lateral line is characterized by clearly marked roof hatch, rear C-pillars and the coupe-style with large wheel arches.

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We test: The new BMW 328i – the power is in it (pictures, video)

Posted by on Dec 22, 2013 in New cars | 0 comments

Already after the first few minutes of the new troika you can forget about everything. It was only driving.

BMW 328i BMW 328i

Photo by Paul Puzio

New BMW 3 Series that is, everyone sees it. One like it, others do not, but all wytrzeszczaja eyes. The new troika, now marked F30, has the inalienable genes company from Bavaria. Long, but a bit more than its predecessor hunchbacked mask, solid dogfish as the previous five and big headlights – that immediately strikes the eye. More fire on the outside, even though it still is a middle-class saloon in the premium segment.

See: The new BMW 328i – photos from the test

Sporting genes of the new BMW 3 also feel seated in the middle. The driver gets the seat outright, which immediately cover it tightly. Low position gives the impression as if he got the go-kart driver, and sat just above the asphalt.

Adds certainty wide and sturdy chair, holding in hands well when cornering. Plus should also be considered quite a good lumbar support adjustments (of a certain age, unfortunately, already need to pay attention to it).

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We test: Hyundai i30 1.4 – to conquer Europe (photos)

Posted by on Dec 22, 2013 in New cars | 0 comments

Koreans argue that the new hyundai i30 European rival competitors under the sign of VW, Ford and Opel. We checked how much is truth in this.

Photo: Bartosz Gubernat

Debut last year compared with Hyundai i40 Volkswagen Passat and Opel Insignia. Many combinations won. New Hyundai i30 shares the floor plate and takes a new stylistic lines. Golf, Astra and arrived Focusowi strong contender.

Hyundai i30 first generation debuted in 2007. Auto was formed on the bottom plate Kia Ceed. Also shared with her part of the components. The designers have taken care to design a European Hyundai in Germany.

See also: New Hyundai i30 1.4 MPI – photos from the test

In stores debuts Hyundais second generation just i30, built completely from scratch. Auto your quality, performance, equipment, and the price is effectively compete for customers in the C-segment, with such tuzami as the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and Opel Astra. We checked whether the accident Koreans zagalopowali not a little in their przechwalkach.

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First drive: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI after modernization. Photos

Posted by on Dec 20, 2013 in New cars | 0 comments

The latest incarnation follows the Audi A4 A6 in terms of design and technology. Car is already in Poland in four versions: sedan, Avant, and S4 Avant.

Photo by Wojciech Frelic …

Fourth-generation Audi A4 – designated as B8 – were technological modernization, slightly retouched exterior and interior refreshed.

For sprzedazyty they walk at the same time four versions of this car: four-door saloon, Avant, or estate, Allroad Quattro uterenowiony (occurs only in body combo) and S4 sports.

See also: Audi A4 2.0 TFSI – the first license photograph

Underlined details

Stylistic changes rely mainly on stressing many details, so Audi A4 approached appearance to the A6.

Hood is more arched, upper corners of the single-frame grille have been cut down, cross zebra and Audi rings seem three-dimensional. Attract eyes sharply outlined air intakes, their modified trusses and flat fog lights in new bumpers.

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