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We test used Volkswagen Passat B6 1.9 TDI – pattern robustness

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Among the two-liter engine users Passat TDI is considered an emergency. Many complaints of trouble with the fuel injection system and head. So does not it better to bet on riding 105-unit 1.9? Lets find out.


Photo: Bartosz Gubernat

Passat is next most popular model Volkswagen Golf. Car is present on the market since 1974. At that time, the Wolfsburg company already has produced six generations of the car, and last year introduced the seventh. Currently, the car is offered as a sedan and station wagon, and soon also join the range uterenowiona alltrack version. Because the market for used cars already appear first copies B7 model, the strength of things have fallen considerably as B6-ek. Stock markets and consignment stores such car you can buy for about 32-35 thousand. £, which, as the vehicle of this class a few years is a very good price.

Passat B6 is present on the market since 2005. Range of engines for the European market is benzyniakow nine and ten diesels. Versions of the gasoline engine are two varieties of the 1.4 TSI (122 and 150 hp), the 1.6 power of 102 or 115 hp, 1.8 TSI developing 160 hp power, and the two-liter FSI (150 hp) [11] and TSI (200 hp). The strongest proposals are the 3.2 FSI VR6 – with 250 hp and 3.6 FSI VR6 – with 300 hp. Both the four-wheel drive 4Motion.
Choosing among the diesels is much smaller and is limited essentially to three engines. The latest offer is a 105-hp 1.6 TDI. The other two are 1.9 and 2.0 TDI in various configurations.

For Volkswagen Passat B6 can recommend the following engines:

1.9 TDI – economical and low-maintenance;
2.0 FSI – good gasoline engine rarely breaks. The only drawback – winter in the city on short routes can burn 13 liters of petrol, even worse, the fuel is recommended Pb98. But already on the road down to the consumption of 8.5 l, a dynamic and flexible
2.0 TDI – recommended provided a small course and documented service history. In cars with a higher mileage are experiencing problems with head and fuel injection system.

Service? Only the replacement of oil

Cars are available from the beginning of production in the secondary market are mainly two-liter, 140-horsepower diesel engines. Quite often you can also meet benzyniaka 150-horsepower 2.0 FSI and the 105-horse 1.9-liter diesel. Is underestimated especially the latter version, which according to many drivers suffer from power deficiency. Do you really? To be convinced of this we tried the car in different conditions. The test car is a sedan version of the 2007, bought in the national living room. Mr. Philip is the second owner. So far 126 thousand chariot driven. km. Along the way, he did not have any serious accidents, visit ASO limited to the exchange of fluid and consumable parts. In the course of 120 thousand. km in the car timing belt replaced. Parts and labor cost the £ 1100.

Gasoline 98 – which is when it pays to refuel fuel better?
- In addition, expenses are limited to refueling. In the urban cycle engine needs about 7-8 liters per hundred, on the road enough for him about 5 liters. Drive a car very pleasant. Previously I had a SEAT Leon 1.9 TDI, whose also very praised. But because of the comfort I would not trade back for him Passat – provides you Philip.

Burning catalog and reality. Why the difference?

There is no sixth gear

How the 105-hp engine? Relatively culturally, although the higher speeds can be heard, with the diesel. To drive around the city entirely by him enough. One can feel the lack of the road, when we reduce gear when overtaking and want to quickly accelerate. In contrast to the version of the 2.0 TDI theres no six-speed also. Its biggest drawback is the lack of drivetrain. 1.9 TDI power shortage, however, compensates for the low failure rate. Injection system is based on the car reliable, electromagnetic injectors that do not like to bad quality fuel, but also do not break after the first tank to the sub-station.

Does it pay to buy a modern diesel? The problems are not only of DPF
- In cars with mileage above 250 thousand. There are failures km camshaft, who likes to wipe. If you also need to replace the lifters, the cost of repair may be up to 5-6 thousand. zl – says Wojciech Cancer of the living Volkswagen Autorud in.

But thats the only gripe TDI engine. Other failures occur with similar frequency also in cars with other engines. It is primarily a system failure cornering, usually arising from damage to the module. Depending on whether you simply replace the module if you need to buy the whole lamp, the cost of repair varies between 1200 and 2500 zl. A small, but annoying bug damage to the hand brake actuating button (replacement cost £ 130).

Used Volkswagen Passat B5 1.9 TDI – Test Regiomoto
- The B6 Passat also gets quite often electronic steering column lock. Typically, after you have inserted the key into the ignition steering control then it shines red and goes out. The new lock costs 400 zl – added Wojciech cancer.

Corrosion? On the test car, we found no or trace, but the forums you will find entries on her complaining users. Most attacks the doors and tailgate.

It climatic and electrical

Mr. Philip Passat is fitting intermediate versions Comfortline. The car has such automatic air conditioning, cruise control and electrically operated side windows and all mirrors. The latter are also heated. Of course the standard are ABS and ESP systems and a set of front and side airbags. On the outside of the lower Trendline version I differ include chrome moldings around the windows and on bumpers.

Test Regiomoto – Used Volkswagen Passat B6 2.0 FSI
Place? Is it a lot, both front and rear. Passat can travel comfortably four adults and a child. Rack of 565 liters of cargo is housed and without Spread seats only about 38 liters less than the station wagon. Passat B6 finish is not bad, although to perfection a little lacking. Some of the material is soft, but both the cockpit and door panels also no shortage of hard plastic. Estimation also reduces the inequalities crackling whole. And the seat upholstery is soft and pretty.

In the middle rate

The portal ogloszeniowym used Volkswagen Passat B6 can be found already, even for 28 thousand. zl. In the car, however, it is not worth to pay attention. The actual market value of well-maintained cars from 2005-2006 is around 35-37 thousand. zl. So much money is enough for car well maintained, with documented service history and mileage Streak 120-180 thousand. km. Mindful about 42-45 thousand. £ We can look around the car already in 2008. Compared to rivals Passat prices are not high. The Toyota Avensis in 2006, also must pay about 35 thousand. zl, like the Honda Accord. [16] Audi A6 will be about 10 thousand. £ more expensive. Tempting alternative to a Ford Mondeo [17], or Opel Vectra. Compared to Volkswagen in the same year, are about 10 thousand. £ cheaper.

In terms of prices in comparison most popular middle-class Passat ranks so the inside. The reputation of the brand among Polish drivers gives him advantage over Ford and Opel, but already the Japanese vehicles going head to head. Version 105-riding seems a reasonable solution if the car has to serve mainly to drive in the city and nearby excursions. On the route 140-horsepower advantage 2.0 TDI with six will be visible.

What to look for when buying:

Corrosion. If the car was not damaged, small fires can occur in the region and around the tailgate decorative strips on the doors. The problem applies particularly hatch and estate versions of the area lights illuminate the registration plate.
The resultant history. Very important! Volkswagen Passat car is not cheap to repair, so unprofessional car repaired after serious collision can be a bottomless piggybank. Suffice to say that the new xenon lamp costs £ 2,000. It should check if bend lighting works (if any). To check if the car was not looking at the numbers broken glass, traces of paint on the outskirts of elements and gaskets.

Engine capacity: 1896 ccm
Power: 105 hp
Transmission: manual, a five-
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 12.1 sec.
Maximum speed: 188 km / h
Fuel consumption (city / route / combined): 7,8 / 5,5 / 6,5 l / 100 km
Fuel Tank Capacity: 70 l
Dimensions (dl. / W. / H.) 4765/1820/1472 mm
Capacity trunk: 565 l

Market for competitors:
- Toyota Avensis
- Honda Accord
[16] – Opel Vectra
- Ford Mondeo [17]

Medium ASO spare parts Autorud Rzeszow (replacement, shop SZiK Rzeszow)
Timing – set: £ 750 (£ 630)
Clutch – complete (without wheels dual mass): £ 1100 (£ 700)
DPF: £ 2800 (not offered)
[18]Disc brakes – front (piece): £ 305 (£ 155)
Brake Pads – Front: £ 320 (£ 145)
Tie Rod End: 180 zl (£ 39-74)
Stabilizer link: £ 125 (£ 69)
Front shock absorber: £ 410 (£ 165-220)
Front headlight (xenon): £ 2,550 (£ 1,350)

Bartosz Gubernat
Photo: Bartosz Gubernat

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