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We test used: BMW E60 530d – the Bavarian sports sedan

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Used BMW 5 Series is a perfect combination of sporty performance and comfort. Are high for the price and maintenance costs.

Photo: Bartosz Gubernat

The first copies of the new BMW 5 Series appeared on the market in 1972. Auto classified as upper-medium class, replaced the previous model – E115. For Bavarians today released six versions of the model. Last – marked F10 – is produced since 2010.

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We partook in lupe previous BMW 5 – is marked E60 (and E61 for the combo) – produced in the years 2003-2009. The BMW E60 suspension mostly made of aluminum components. It also uses active steering. BMW E60 – opinions about it are clear – its a great car in August the leads.

Many engines

BMW E60 on the secondary market is on the fourteen versions of gasoline engines and diesels nine varieties. The range benzyniakow we have engines with a capacity of 2.0 to 5.0 (from four rows of the mighty V10) and power from 169 to 507 hp. Empyemas capacities 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 using the common-rail technology. Weakest variant has 163 hp, the most powerful – 286 horsepower. Two-liter engine has four cylinders, the remaining six per diesel.

The report reliability TUV 2010 BMW 5 E60 is 36 deposits on 118 among cars at the age of 4-5 years. Among the cars aged 2-3 years, the BMW 5 Series is 95 to 125 deposits of possible, but here are taken into account the current generation of cars marked F10.

We chose to test one of the most popular varieties – three-liter diesel engine which has a power of 231 hp.

Car made in 2005 so far have driven less than 200 thousand. km. The current owner is the second user. Within two years he beat 40 thousand. km. And although in terms of mechanical BMW E60 is doing fine, hosted in several auto mechanic because of the minor, but annoying faults rigging and electronics.

The most serious trouble proved to the air conditioning, which for unknown reasons stopped working. Standard Service is not helped, because the owner in accordance with the suggestion of your mechanics he decided to replace the compressor. However, and this, not helped costly repairs. Layout began to cool after sealing adjunct agent.

Starter and alternator – most frequent failure and repair costs

In addition, BMW 530d visit the site mainly limited to changing the oil, but even that is expensive operation. Our diesel is a unit szczesciocylindrowa, needing about 7-8 liters of 5W30 oil expensive. The cost of replacement and materials may reach even beyond the ASO £ 500-600.

Prices of spare parts and technical information for BMW E60 530d text.

Manifold, sensors, wheel pulley …

Is the BMW E60 has a weak points? According to Przemyslaw Kaczmarzyk of Rzeszów Automacher service for three-liter turbo diesel BMW is primarily a solar emergency.

Turbo in the car – more power, but kopotow

- Very often splits the exhaust and intake flap detach. Unfortunately the repair costs are quite high. The first costs £ 1,500, the other £ 1800. After the course Streak 150-200 thousand. km have to count with them – says Kaczmarzyk.

The three-liter diesel is also often spoils the crankshaft pulley.

- Breaks the rubber piece, so the lower part rotates with the shaft, and gora is not spinning. The result? The engine is running, and General Equipment propellant strap does not work. Same color costs between 900 and 1400 zl – says Kaczmarzyk.

The last drawback to emergency pressure level sensors in the tires, the distance control system. Symptoms of a false message with inadequate air in circles, or lack of response to the close-up parking sensor for obstacles. Unfortunately, most of the sensors occurs only in the original version and costs about £ 300-400.

Besides, according to the three-liter diesel your mechanics is a good unit. Compared to the two-liter variants maintenance costs are only slightly higher, but gone on to have a much better performance and comparable levels of combustion.

Among the petrol engines due to Niezly between performance and operating costs also recommended a unit three-liter. Importantly, the body virtually all BMW E60 does not corrode. Of course, provided that the car is accident-free.

Dynamic, but frugal

BMW 530d drivin very well. 231-hp engine in combination with automatic transmission is a very good set. The car is dynamic, accelerating willingly, and shifting is very discreet and does not spoil the fun of driving. In the urban cycle tested woz burns about 10 liters of diesel, which as quite large, six-cylinder is a decent result. Aluminum suspension is relatively permanent, but leaky, Polish roads on the course of 140-150 thousand. km can expect to defects, which, unfortunately, are not cheap to repair. The ASO such as Tie Rod End you have to pay £ 385, and the original shock absorber is on the 1109 zl. Spore repair prices, however, compensated by high ride comfort. Five Great suppresses inequality and well kept in bends.

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Forte BMW 5 Series is the standard equipment. A set of electrically operated windows and mirrors, automatic climate control, cruise control and steering wheel are standard multimedia in virtually every version available on the market. Very many cars, especially those imported from Western Europe also has a navigation, leather upholstery (with heated seats), and a system of Head-Up Display, which displays key information on the windshield.

Used Mercedes C350 – Test Regiomoto

In service BMW E60 used prices start from around 47 thousand. zl. With so many found a car in 2004, imported from Germany, driven by 2.5-liter, 177-hp diesel. Approx. 60-65 thousand. £ must prepare for two years younger, three-liter diesel. Prices of cars from the end of the production is in the range of 100-120 thousand. zl.

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For example, compare Audi A6 3.0 TDI from 2006 will cost 64 thousand row. zl. Honda Accord 2.2 i-CTDI the same age costs about 40-45 thousand. zl, a Toyota Corolla about 36-40 thousand. zl. Slightly more expensive Volvo S80 will. For a copy of the five-year 2.4-liter diesel engine you have to pay about 55 thousand. zl.

Honda Accord 2.2 i-CTDI – Test Regiomoto

In this category, therefore, BMW is one of the more expensive proposal. But in comparison to the competition is more prestigious car. With the Japanese winning performance in particular, with the unit R6 far exceeds the 3.0 four-cylinder engines with a capacity of 2.0-2.2 liter within.

An equal rival to 530-ki seems, therefore, only the Audi A6 3.0 TDI, which costs almost the same among drivers and also collects good reviews. Choosing among these two cars is difficult.

BMW E60 530d – Specifications

Engine capacity: 2993 ccm
Power: 170 kW (231 hp)
Moment: 500 Nm at 1750-3000 r / min
Transmission: Automatic, 6-speed
Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 6.8 sec.
Maximum speed: 250 km / h
BMW E60 combustion (city-tour-cycle
mixed): 10,0-6,0-7,5 l / 100 km
Dimensions (dl. / W. / H.) 4841/1846/1468 mm
Wheelbase: 2888 mm
Own weight: 1665 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 70 l
Capacity trunk: 520 l
Number of places: 5

Miroslaw Kalandyk, BMW Auto Dealership Premium, Swilcza near Rzeszów:

- BMW E60 is one of the most successful model series BMW. The driving comfort the brands cars do not have to provide, driving the car with a powerful engine (over 200 hp) is pure pleasure. In most cases auto is available with rear wheel drive, but you can also meet czteronapedowe versions (marked x). Cars BMW completes in August at home, so it is difficult to meet two identically configured copies.

Contrary to appearances, and generally accepted opinion of this car capacity diesel version is the economic equivalent of burning E60 BMW diesel engine three-liter version is about 6.5 l / 100 km. Five is generally trouble-free, but unfortunately version 530d oil spills occur from the sump as well as with the automatic transmission (manual does not have this problem). Customers intensively exploiting his car must also take into account the accelerated wear and tear turbine (its longevity largely depends on usage). Electronic fault in the case of periodic verification and programming are very rare.

Market for competitors:
- Mercedes E-Class
- Audi A6
- Volvo S80
- Subaru Legacy
- Volkswagen Passat
- Honda Accord
- Toyota Avensis

Average prices of spare parts: the original ASO (replacement)

Front brake discs (pcs) – £ 589 (£ 350)
Front brake pads (set) - £ 672 (£ 250)
Clutch - 1 622 zl – a repair kit (£ 3,800)
Shock Front (pcs) – £ 1109 (£ 650)
- Tie Rod End £ 385 (£ 135)
Complete Timing * – £ 3,000 (£ 1,500)
Compressor air conditioning -£ 3,943 (£ 4,700)
Oil Filter – £ 97 (£ 78)
Pollen filter – £ 219 (£ 75)
Air Filter - £ 235 (£ 135)
* Maintenance-free

Bartosz Gubernat


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